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Huge Exciting Announcement!

Okay, so I’ve been hinting at something huge going on for the last month, and I just signed the final paperwork today, so here it is:

There’s going to be a fourth Fortitude Scott book!

This is utterly huge, guys, and it’s all thanks to you! You, the bloggers and reviewers who gave such wonderful attention to a book about a slacker vampire. You, the readers who decided to give the book a shot despite it being yet another urban fantasy featuring a vampire. Thank you all so very, very much.

What’s happening right now is that the Fortitude Scott sales numbers are not setting the world on fire, but there was a significant bump in the sales of Generation V paperback and e-books when Iron Night was released. Before this, the folks over at Roc had basically written the series off, and I’d been advised to work on a new series concept for them – but this bump got their attention again. What they’re doing right now is making a bet that there’s going to be another bump when Tainted Blood comes out in November, and that hopefully it will be enough to allow the series to get some traction with readers. And if that happens, they want to have a fourth book in the works to help sustain momentum.

Meaning that there will definitely be a fourth Fortitude Scott book in 2015! This is a book that I desperately wanted to write, because Tainted Blood is definitely NOT the conclusion of this series. (I originally wrote about four more sentences here, but they were too spoilery! I’ll say only this – I have Big Plans going at least into a Book Six)

It also means that this summer I get to do my favorite summer activity – write a new Fort Scott book!

But again, this is because of you guys. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews, fantastic emails, and enthusiasm about this series. You guys made #4 happen. I will leave you with this final piece of awesomeness – here is Suzume immortalized in mini form:

Isn’t this amazing? Django Wexler painted and sent these to me – so fabulous! I have them sitting on the bookshelf next to my writing desk, next to one of my most important pieces of writing equipment – my little cd player.

Isn’t this amazing? Django Wexler painted and sent these to me – so fabulous! I have them sitting on the bookshelf next to my writing desk, next to one of my most important pieces of writing equipment – my little cd player.

Side view of the fox form -- this kitsune has nine tails, each with a little white tip! Awesome!

Side view of the fox form — this kitsune has nine tails, each with a little white tip! Awesome!

And the human form! You can't see really well from this angle, but she has little ears with white tufts in her hair to show that she's a fox!

And the human form! You can’t see really well from this angle, but she has little ears with white tufts in her hair to show that she’s a fox!

New Business Cards

Business cards 1

Hey everyone, my new business cards arrived today from! Check these out!

Okay, so I know that my business cards are not exactly breaking news (though, seriously, the covers look pretty fabulous in tiny pocket form), but I’m pretty stoked about this. Now when I go to cons in the future I can be all, “Oh, which card would you like? BECAUSE I HAVE THREE PUBLISHED BOOKS MOTHERFUCKER HAHAHAHAHA.”

Business cards 2

Okay, so I shamelessly ripped off what Max Gladstone’s business card layout looks like. SO WOULD YOU, DAMNIT.

Or, slightly more restrained. That maniacal laugh will still happen, of course. (‘cuz, standards) And, while I do of course have great affection for the cover of Generation V, I have to concede to the vox populi at this point and accept that it is not quite my strongest selling point with, you know, just about anyone. I do think that the Iron Night cover is pretty neat, and the Tainted Blood cover is just made of awesome. I think the publishers are trying to move the cover art in a more Iron Druid direction, which is never a bad idea. Plus, I have assurances from some of my favorite bloggers that not only do they think the new cover is cool, but that they would actually be willing to be seen in public with it. Heady stuff, guys!

If you’re going to be at Connecticon this year, stop me and ask for whichever of the cards you’d like!

This leaves really just one question – what the hell do I do with the fifty or so old cards?

Old business cards

I mean, technically they’re still mostly accurate, but I just don’t feel that they fully express my THREE FUCKING BOOKS MOTHERFUCKERS awesomeness. Hm. I seem to be cursing a lot on this blog today. …. yup, still okay with that.

The Outline

Writing methods vary by writers, for the excellent reason that we all have different preferences and quirks. Some writers work best with the “start with a basic idea” approach advocated by Stephen King in his (excellent) book On Writing. I’ve used that method a few times in short fiction, but it’s not a good fit for me. Maybe I’m more anxious or a control-freak (…..maybe?), but I far prefer to work with an outline.

Outlining varies. Some writers just get a generalized sense of direction and big plot beats. I like my outlines to be a bit more detailed – and by “a bit” what I really mean is “a shit-ton.” When I’m putting together an outline, I’m pulling in all the notes and ideas that I’ve been coming up with for the book over the past three to four months and collating it into one massive document. This gives me individual scenes, important background elements, and sometimes even specific lines of dialogue. I then go through that outline with a fine-tooth comb, looking for plot inconsistencies and weaknesses. Then I get out paper and calendar and plan out days and times – just to make sure where everything falls, and particularly how much time things are taking. This is information that almost never makes it into the book – after all, does the reader really care that Fort and Suze are in a battle for their lives on a Tuesday? Probably not. But it can help me keep track of where the weekend should fall. With the time-stamp, it helps me keep track of how long people have been at something – a personal quirk of mine is that it drives me nuts in fiction when characters have been running around for basically eighteen hours straight, killing monsters, exploding magic, banging each others’ brains out, and no one mentions that it might be time for lunch! (why does that bother me? I have no freaking idea. But there it is)

It usually takes me anywhere from two weeks to a month to put together my outline, but once I have it, I go straight into the book and don’t surface until the manuscript is complete. My outlines have gotten more detailed as I’ve gone – Generation V’s outline was six pages long, while Iron Night’s was fifteen pages. Tainted Blood hit twenty-two.

Not everything is identical from my outline to the book that people end up reading. If you look at my outline, for example, Keiko’s boyfriend never makes an appearance. That was a decision I made during the writing, since I felt like that would amp up some pressure. Other things got tweaked as I went (the name of Jacoby’s tattoo parlor, for instance) – when I do something like that, I’ll write that in on the printed copy of the outline that I’m using while I write. (that copy gets incredibly written over and dog-eared during the writing)

Finally, some elements get changed as a result of first reader comments or editorial comments. How Matt ends up at the Gage crime scene changed many times – when I was writing, I changed from him just showing up to Fort calling him over. Then my editor pointed out that this was pretty stupid long-term for Fort to do, so I switched it again in the editing process so that Matt hears something on a police scanner and rushes over because he’s afraid that Fort has been murdered. Moving Dan Tabak’s introduction from Book 3 into Book 2 was a decision I made during edits as well.

For anyone who is really curious about what my outline looks like, I’ve included a copy of the original Iron Night outline below. If you haven’t read Iron Night yet, definitely don’t read this – it’s basically nothing but pure spoiler. But if you read and liked Iron Night, and are interested in the process that turns a concept into a book, this could be interesting.

Iron Night released cover big version

Book Two – Plot outline

September 27, Friday, 4am
* Fort & Chivalry have driven a truck of goats out to the Claiborne-Pell bridge to feed to the trolls. Part of Fort’s new duties & training. (though getting up this early is unusual)
* Fort & Chivalry return to mansion, work out & train until 9am. (this has been daily since the end of the last book. Boxing, lifting. Fort is in better shape than in the last book, but not in an overwhelming way. Primarily he’s been getting used to the new strength & speed – he now has the attributes of an exceptional human. He has some vampire speed, but it takes a lot out of him to use it – needs to be rare) (needs a reference to Chivalry’s small sailing yacht, the Firefly, which he’d like to take out for one last sail this season. The name should be a very old one – from his first little yacht in the 1890s – but Fort should give him a lot of grief about the Joss Whedon series. Maybe jokes about browncoats?)
* Fort drives back to his apartment, changes & showers, dresses for work, catches a nap. Gage (the new roommate – spend some time here establishing the character) wakes him up to go to work. Need an exchange with Gage, brief, but enough to show what a nice guy that he is. Establish that he’s going speed-dating that night (at a local bistro, ages 19 to 30, tiny tables, etc. – make clear that he’s doing it on a whim, because it ‘looks like fun’), extend an invitation. This can also give a chance to a) make the audience miss Gage when he dies at end of chapter, and b) give a chance to talk about Fort’s nonexistent dating life.
*1pm, Fort goes to work at superfancy restaurant (think ten course tasting menu). Introduce to evil chef. Go through a little of his day.
*3pm, Suzume is in his section, questioning a potential client and tormenting Fort, teasing. She always makes sure that she’s placed in his section, and the other waiters are jealous. Fort could take a pass on this.
*10pm, restaurant finally closes. Fort goes home, exhausted. It’s Friday – tomorrow, Saturday, he’ll be able to sleep in, since it’s his day off from work and Chiv & Bhumika have a standing date at a local place for brunch. Plus there’s an auction that they like to go to.
*2am, a sound wakes Fort up. His new vampire hearing has been kicking in. He assumes that it was Gage coming in, but as he waits for Gage’s routine to start up (an anti-oxidant milkshake before bed) he can’t hear it. He gets up to investigate. Something’s wrong – Gage always leaves his shoes by the door. He knocks on Gage’s door, nothing. Now there’s something tickling his nose – can’t quite place it yet. Wait, blood. He pushes into Gage’s room. There’s the body. Pale, bloodless. Hands gone, some cuts on the mouth. He’s lying on front, Fort won’t know about the genitals yet. The window has been pushed open, screen pulled out & dumped. That’s the sound that woke Fort up – Gage’s body being pushed inside. Dumper (Soli) climbed up fire escape that’s on that side. Fort goes straight for phone. Gage was human, Fort’s first call is the police. Then realizes that he’s an idiot, but call was made. Call Chivalry. Chivalry can’t come – Bhumika sick. Sends lawyer, tells Fort to call “that fox buddy of yours.” Fort makes the call to Suze. (S: Just to let you know, Fort, etiquette dictates that the woman has to initiate a booty call relationship. F: What? S: I know, it seems sexist to me, too, but Miss Manners is very clear. F: Suze, it’s nothing like that. My roommate is dead and the police are coming.)
*Police show up, plus Fort’s lawyer. (note: Scott family lawyer immediately tells Fort to say nothing to the police. The police are okay with this, because they immediately get a visit from their roused boss, who just got a call from the woken-up mayor not to bother that nice Scott boy – so no questions at all). Matt McMahon (review) has a few contacts within the police department, and he shows up and nudges his way inside, trading on that connection to Fort. There’s strained interaction, and Matt examines the body (he knows that he has to move fast – bodies & evidence tend to disappear around the Scott family). Suze arrives just as Matt is leaving (no introduction) & body is being taken away. Tells Fort to grab some clothes and come along – police are all over apartment, he’s coming to her place for the night.

Saturday, am

*Fort wakes up in Suzume’s “spare bedroom.” Turns out that it’s Keiko’s room, and now she’s standing over him & freaking the fuck out. At the noise, S enters and she & K begin to engage. There’s a lot of tension here – K is angry at S’s closeness to F, the fact that she’s now engaging herself in a situation that she wasn’t even hired on for, and her complete disregarding of a tricky political element. But S is angry because she’s been hiding K’s relationship, and K is clearly skewing her pregnancy human for minor excuses (that won’t be overt). She won’t explain the pregnancy/relationship element to Fort yet, however. K leaves.
*Back to F’s apartment for clothing. Police are gone. This time, S sniffs around in fox form, and picks up a scent on the windowsill, where the killer rested a hand. Smells inhuman, but she can’t identify. But now there’s something unusual about the murder (they were just assuming human murderer), so they’re curious. Call Chivalry – but Bhumika’s health has taken a turn for the worse, & he can’t come, & in fact cancels future work-outs. He won’t be seen again for most of the book. Tells F to work out with S to keep up conditioning.
*F recalls that Gage mentioned speed-dating to him the night he died, even invited him along. F to computer to look, S goes through G’s stuff. She finds some info written on a stub of paper, leads them to the bistro. There, they learn that the event was coordinated by the Dreamcatching (New Age store) staff, who have been hosting a whole bunch of the events around the city lately. It nets them the cash for the night, brings business to the stores that host, plus they set up a little table with crystals and cute candles, with store cards to try to drum up business. This event was coordinated by Tomas, but Lilah was also there. That night, everyone arrived at six and left by seven-thirty. No one at the bistro remembers Gage, but they didn’t pay much attention to the group – they’re annoyed that they didn’t sell more alcohol – all they really sold were appetizers and finger food. (some of the workings of the speed dating will be covered by Lilah later)
*First visit to Dreamcatching. Meeting Lilah Doubrant, establishing interest and attraction between her and F. She is outed as a halfsie by S, F introduces himself as a vampire. Talk about Gage, F gives her his phone number in case she thinks of anything. S mocks a bit. They see Allegra, establish the pregnancy & her ¾ status. Otherwise, nothing. No big leads. Lilah does remember Gage, and notes that he got a few matches. She doesn’t remember seeing him leave – she was doing business at the candle table. Tomas is out today. F & S leave.
*No other events that day, other than the lawyer calling to assure F that no one will be talking to him. F calls Gage’s parents, who live in California, to offer condolences and offer to help get Gage’s stuff home for them to sort through. He and S (unexpectedly helpful here) clean up room, start boxing up Gage’s stuff to ship back to his parents. (note here: Gage was an only child – his parents were originally from Rhode Island) The clean-up lasts from Sat to Sunday (F & S dispose of Gage’s porn), S there both days, sleeping on the futon at night (in fox form? She’d want to spend a little time in her natural form). They watch movies (Avatar jokes!) and eat dinner together. Sunday morning S will work out with F – here there will be absolute mocking over how Chivalry has been training him. Note that he will have to use his legs, that he needs to do anything to take down his opponent, and that Chivalry’s style of fighting is relying on being so much faster than his opponent that he can take them down extremely fast – that’s not an option for Fort yet. She’ll suggest that he start getting lessons in muay thai (not the drink) – with his height, that fighting style might work well for him. It’s the “art of eight limbs” – using eight points of contact (punches, kicks, elbows, and knee strikes) instead of the “two points” – just his fists – that Fort is currently using. (note: Suze herself uses a mixture of several styles, including what she was taught in self defense as a young fox, but as an adult she’s spent a lot of time working with Krav Maga (the Israeli fighting style) because she likes its clear emphasis on finishing a fight as quickly as possible, meaning that all attacks are aimed towards the most vulnerable parts of the body (face, neck, groin, knee, eyes, joints) – since she rarely fights for show, it makes sense for her, particularly given her small size, which means that she is almost never fighting at a distance. She also works very hard with both her switchblade and a pair of long fixed knives (think Legolas) that she can wear in thigh sheaths and hide under a long skirt, while still having quick access) Maybe a trip down to the gun range? Fort will be working on his aim with both the .44 (put a model on that one) and his new toy, a shotgun (Ithaca 37, pump action shotgun that he has sawed down. It carries four shells that are loaded into the front, same place that they are expelled from. Fort will be working on getting his reloading faster and faster. Work with a 20 gauge, but note that the lower the number, the larger the size of the bullet. Fort will also be trying to work his way down to a 12 gauge, but he has to get his arms used to the kickback from that.). S has called Atsuko, but neither know any kind of critter that would want to cut off someone’s hands, though plenty would’ve drained the blood. (S: “Sometimes there are weird supernatural killings too. I mean, humans don’t have the market cornered on crazy and random. Plus, there are some critters out there that are like great white sharks. It’s not personal – you just get unlucky. It’s really just bothering me that they dumped the body.” – here’s another reason that S has stayed over for two nights, and moved F the first – she was worried about his safety)

Monday, am

*Movers come by to pick up boxes from Gage’s room, packing them onto a truck to take back to California. The room is stripped down to the mattress again. F is both sad about Gage’s death and really irritated over the thought of having to start yet another roommate hunt.
*F goes back to work, S heads home. Matt contacts F, saying he needs to talk to him privately. They meet up that night after F gets out of work, at F’s apartment. Matt has been working all weekend. The tattoos on Gage linked to a missing person’s file that Matt has had for about six months, Rian Orbon, since the police wouldn’t call it a homicide the parents turned to him (note: this guy was the actual first murder, 9 months ago – for Allegra’s pregnancy). He’s also, through a police connection, rustled up another disappearance (Brent Jung) (3 men total – none older than 30 – there are actually 4 guys, but they won’t have that last name until the visit to the tattoo parlor) in the last few months that match in a lot of ways. Through the family of the hiring family, he has the promotional card for the tattoo parlor (Heart of Darkness Tattoos) (F feels its pull). Matt also called the coroner – while he’s still trying to get his hands on the coroner’s report (important that he doesn’t’ have it yet), he was able to talk with a connection and find out a few details that the police haven’t released – namely, that in addition to the hand loss that Fort saw, Gage was also missing his tongue and his genitals) He wants F, who generally matches victim descriptions, to go to parlor and check it out. Matt will be staking it out. (Matt is planning to tail F – suspicions from last book are alive & well) – There’s a lot of strain and undercurrent to this conversation. F is eager to help out – both because of the lead on Gage’s murder, and his desire to placate Matt about what he might know. He wants their relationship to return to what it was before, and (most importantly) for Matt to be safe.
*F calls S right after meeting (this is evening), gets her to agree to meet him the next day. She drops by that night instead, they talk about what’s going on. She sees the promotional card on the counter (F: “That is the best designed card I’ve seen in my life. I mean, I look at that thing and I actually start thinking that a tattoo is a good idea”), recognizes the glamour. Still early explorations, but now they’re on alert for elf involvement (elves at Dreamcatching, elf glamour on the tattoo card). She’ll ride along with him tomorrow. (S: “With how you were reacting to that glamour, I have to keep an eye on you. Otherwise you’ll have a butterfly tramp stamp the next time I see you.”) S makes an appointment at the parlor for “her boyfriend.”

Tuesday, 8am

*F & S drive over together to the tattoo parlor (Heart of Darkness Tattoos). Matt is across street in a Starbucks – F calls him (first mention & exchange about S).
*F & S go into the tattoo parlor. While they’re waiting (tattooist busy getting high – note that there should be a mixture of alcohol and drug abuse here – tattooist’s name is Jacoby Anderson – see other file for Jacoby’s arm tattoos), F flips through the design book. He stops at the tattoo that Gage got – that page is riveting. It’s been glamoured, and it’s compelling to regular guys, too. Tattooist is a changeling halfsie, with no loyalty at all to the elf community (called The Neighbors). He’s bitter, with a drug problem as a result of his childhood trauma. He’s willing to do anything for money, which S picks up on fast. For cash, he’s happy enough to reveal what his involvement was. In exchange for money, he gave a woman several of his promotional cards (note: Soli’s skin at this point was a hot Latina woman) (Jacoby: “No, she wasn’t an elf. I don’t know what the fuck she was, but she paid enough that I didn’t give a shit. But when those guys came back, they all gave me cards that had been glamoured up like crazy. Not one of the Neighbors, either. No one I know could do a glamour like that. For that, you’d need one of the big guys, one of The Crowd. (spits) The glamour was specific, too. Young men would like it.”) The men who came back carrying those cards were the ones who he was paid to keep an eye on & tattoo. The design page was also provided, pre-glamoured (“yeah, you’d know if I put the glamour on it. No one would fucking buy it. Maybe they’d look back at it once or twice, but that’s it.”) The page is compelling, and then he can talk the right guys into getting it, throwing in a discount if he has to. He was also supposed to write down their names & info, so that he could get paid his bonus. For another round of cash (cleaning out Fort), he hands over the list of names. Four names total, leading with Gage’s. This is one more than Matt found (the last guy, Franklin Litchfield, was supposedly killed in a car accident, which is why Matt didn’t pick up on him). (important – the list has to be handed to Fort, S won’t look at it, just ask him. This way she won’t pick up on the Lulu/Litchfield connection until she actually looks at the files later) Last thing – the tattooist was supposed to make sure that all the guys left with a glamoured flier for the speed-dating.
*F walks over to the Starbucks to see Matt while S goes over to the car. F tells Matt about design, gives him list with the name of the car accident guy, but leaves out everything else. Matt says that he’ll keep staking out tattoo parlor. F joins S in car, he’s driving. On drive to Dreamcatching, F catches sight of Matt’s car, realizes that Matt is tailing them. Doesn’t tell S yet. Worried.
*F & S go back to Dreamcatching, question Lilah. With the info about the tattooist (she knows him), the glamours (she sees the promotional card and confirms that it was placed by one of Themselves – not Nokke, but maybe Hobany or Amadan), and sending the guys to the speed-dating, she’s alerted and unhappy. Also introduce changeling stockboy, Felix Ortiz, at some point. There will only be a partial conversation about the earlier stuff – enough to convince her. Lilah will have to hurry them out of the store, not wanting this to get the owner (Tomas)’s attention, but promises to call F – to arrange meeting. L calls F about 5 minutes later – S is driving. (some undercurrents here – he clearly likes her, S is stepping back a little) L & F arrange to meet at his place that evening, after each gets out of work. (S: You know, I think I still have my old boombox in a closet. You can borrow it. F: Huh? S: You know, to hold up outside Lilah’s window. F: You’re nuts. S: I can already see you composing your mix tape. Don’t forget to put ‘In Your Eyes’ on it. Chicks dig that one.)
*F to work. Don’t go into detail. S takes off to handle some fox stuff.
*F & L meet up at his apartment. S is not there – she’s made an excuse about being busy (“I’ve got whores to the left of me, gigolos to the right” F – yes, that’s exactly like Bob Dylan described). F & L talk & bond – L mentions that she is suspicious about the Neighbors’ intentions (descriptions of her family life here), pledges to help, but not wholely sure what to do. At some point S will come in the window – she was eavesdropping from outside (on the tree? On the fire escape? Either way she was using fox tricks to remain undetected by passerbys – didn’t have to bother for F & L – “You two were distracted”) She has a suggestion – that they see if the tattoo artist had anything he was still hiding. They agree to break into Heart of Darkness. (“Crime!”)
*F & L & S break into the tattoo parlor. Looking around, they don’t find much else. Clearly he really was willing to tell everything for cash. They find lots of drugs, changeling has destructive habits. While they’re searching, Soli (the skinwalker – she’s wearing the skin of a cute Latina woman – matches description tattooist gave) walks in on them – she was coming by with more of the special inks. L was going through a broom closet when Soli entered – at one point in the fight F sees her there, crouching and looking freaked out, he gestures for her to stay down – it’s clear that she is in no way prepared for this fight, and F also realizes that it’s probably important to conceal that they have a connection to the elves. Soli has no intention of being questioned – she sniffs out intruders, and there’s a tussle. Soli needs to be really, really good at fighting. Good enough that S and F are having trouble, even with S’s great hand-to-hand and F doing pretty well. Soli knows that vampire involvement is a problem – and she recognizes Fort. At some point S gets a blade out and manages to cut her – revealing part of her true form. Recognition of skinwalker. Things are getting problematic – Soli manages to get S out of it for a second (damage here?), and now it’s her against F, and he’s overmatched and knows it. Then Matt comes in, armed. He shoots – Soli is too fast, dodges, & retreats. She’s clearly pissed at Fort.
*Now there’s a BIG problem. A human is in the room. Matt & F engage (words), but S has pulled herself up, sneaks up on Matt, and knocks him out. They have bigger problems here – skinwalkers are not allowed in Scott territory – they’re problems who leave high body counts behind them. They can keep Matt under cover for now, but F has to call home. F calls Chiv, is told to get to the mansion, NOW. L is still on board (after her courageous huddle), she’ll go home and try to get more info. S will take Matt back to her place (L needs to help (S: Yes, it would be nice if you contributed) – they use Matt’s car). F drives home.
*The mansion, late night, early am. Madeline (agitated), Chivalry (worried), and Prudence are all in attendance. Madeline needs to be noticeably older than in Book One – slightly weaker, too. (feeding F so often is taking a toll, as is general age). Madeline’s orders are immediate – Prudence is to set up a residence in Providence and immediately start helping out. F is to remain point on investigation (Mad pleased by his work so far), Pru is to provide FULL support & backup. The skinwalker is the priority – it needs to be executed, and if someone employed it, they need to be made an example of. There needs to be a suggestion here that those in the territory are picking up on Madeline becoming weaker – that is a large part of why this is happening now (P: Elves with some kind of plan. The kitsune numbers increasing. More movement among lower creatures. They sense your weakness, Mother). Pru is grouchy, but obeys. Mad makes F take a full drink from her (F sees that this is making her weaker, but Chiv at one point holds his head down, making him continue & obey – even Pru agrees with this action here), then he’s sent home. Pru meets him in the parking lot – discussion. Unusually amiable, for them, that is. At least she isn’t trying to kill him this time – she’s interested in him right now. Trying to weigh how Grace’s death has changed him. She needs to pack, then she’ll be setting up in ritzy hotel – gives him her phone number (important here). (reminds him to call her if he needs to – not to hesitate. A skinwalker is nothing to play with)
*Back to Providence. F to S’s house. Matt is tied up in the living room. Keiko is also here – completely irate. They are using fox tricks to keep M from overhearing – S & K are filled in by F – S wants to get some more foxes to help (list off about four cousins (Hoshi, Takara, Rei, Mio) suitable – better to have more than less with a skinwalker involved), K shuts her down. “Now isn’t the time to remind the vampires of our numbers.” K pushes F, he admits and repeats Pru’s comment – S explains it (“When the kitsune first came to Scott territory, it was only Atsuko. A generation ago, it was Atsuko and her 4 daughters. Now those four daughters have produced twenty granddaughters, all in our prime, and my cousins are at an age to start having families if they want. There are three great-granddaughters already, bringing the total today to twenty-seven foxes, and the floodgates are just opening. We’re stronger than we were when Atsuko negotiated her treaty with Madeline. To a suspicious mind like Prudence’s, I can see how this would be threatening.”) K angry that she explained honestly (indication of S’s relationship with F), & the twins fight about politics – K pulls trump card & says that she’ll call Atsuko – no foxes on any side – S’s presence is dangerous enough. With Pru and F both involved, there’s already too much danger that S will side with one over the other (and obvious that she’ll side with F) – with just one, she can be dismissed as a rogue. Five foxes would be a declaration of allegiance, especially if Mad is getting weaker. S gets one last shot – if K doesn’t want to be involved, she should go stay with the boyfriend (“I know you haven’t broken up. You shouldn’t bother trying to lie to me.”) K leaves. S doesn’t want to explain to F – shifts discussion by telling him to deal with Matt.
*F talks to M (tied to a chair). This is a difficult conversation – F admits to his involvement on the Grann incident, but keeps the supernatural stuff hidden. Manages to convince M that he really wants to find Gage’s killer. M agrees. S has brought in his files, spread them out on table, been taking notes. M asks if she’s found anything – she says no. Maybe there’s a link at colleges – three victims were undergrads or grad students. M agrees that he’ll follow up on it. Leaves.
*F knows S better (it should be notable that he can now tell when she’s lying). Asks what’s going on. She hands him the list of victim names – the same one they got from the tattoo artist, but that she didn’t read. Goes into her own office (very Suz, but with a surprisingly professional element) pulls out a file folder. Pulls out an article – the article about Dr. Lulu’s fertility practice. S recognized the one boy’s family name (Franklin Litchfield – the car accident victim) from the feature – they were interviewed, since their son had just been accepted by Harvard – the ultimate success story. Reference here to coroner files (Matt got them, Suze read them), and how Gage’s wrists, tongue, and gonads were all removed while he was still alive, and with surgical precision. The coroner was able to tell that the killer used surgical tools that cauterize as they cut, which is how he lived through the removals. They also learn here that from the marks on Gage’s ankles, he was tied upside down and then his throat was cut, draining his blood down with gravity. The cut was careful, though – not a big gash. He bled out from it, but it probably took him twenty minutes or more. Matt was busy today – he also got copies of the accident reports from the Litchfield wreck – Franklin Litchfield’s body was damaged by fire, but he also was missing at least hands (with the fire damage it is hard to determine the rest). They have a first target now. It’s 3am now – they’ll get 3 hours of sleep, then head out. Notify Pru (she is unusually complimentary). Bed. (Fort put in Keiko’s bed again)

Wednesday, 7am

*F & S to Lulu’s office. Pru meets them there. (note on Pru/S interactions – S is very careful around Pru, treating her like a rattlesnake). They go into clinic, pushing past the scheduling nurse. Lulu is in the wind, but they do snag her witch, Mitch (Mitch the witch!). They get incinerator’s use out of the witch, along with the fact that he’s been cooking up a roofie-like drink for Lulu, not for use in the clinic. (It will fog drinker’s memory and mind, but make them highly obedient, and willing to do things that they would never do under normal circumstances. He has no concerns about cooking it, or any interest in what she did with it. What he cared about was that it was something different than the constant fertility magic, of which they have racks of. A few of which are missing, by the way. But it wasn’t unusual for Lulu to take that home – it was common to use whenever they bred any of the Neighbors – a lot of times they were breeding people who didn’t want to have to try more than once for results). Mitch is very clear that he did not provide whatever new ritual they’re using now. They don’t kill him, but tell him to leave town and not have contact with the elves again. Pru scares him enough that he does it. F is behind that decision (Pru points out that “he’s the point”) – by pointing out that witches can be useful, (and easily bought – useful when you need them, and hard to locate – not a lot of them) that’s why doesn’t kill. P agrees with the decision, is pleased with him. There’s that balancing act that F is hitting here. They go through the files here (Lulu has had them scanned – they bully the scheduling nurse (Maureen – human) into printing them (interesting here – all four have files – better yet, all four were inseminated with elf semen, but were recessives, no elf traits). Pru needs to go back to hotel to wait out sunlight. Phone call with M – he’s working through colleges, trying to find patterns. Call from L – she’s at Dreamcatching, and she’s found something. F & S drive over.
*Allegra went into labor, Tomas is with her, and changeling stockboy (Felix) is at school (high school senior). With coast clear, L has been searching owner’s office, found some useful stuff (also found out that he cheats on his taxes). F & S show her the files they pulled from Lulu’s office. L is confused – it’s clear from the files that the four men were recessives, not changelings – and that should’ve been enough for them to be ignored their whole lives. No one has ever found a use for them (she will point out the coding in the files – the elf’s semen who each was created with – “They’re like prize stallions. There’s serious semen storage going on. The Neighbors are terrified of what would happen if any of Themselves were killed. So there’s just crazy storage going on”) Note: Felix is one of Nokke’s sons, which technically means that he’s a half-brother to Lilah. She looks out a little for him, but the truth of the society is that family really only means who was raised as a sibling. But there’s another speed-dating scheduled tonight – this one is located at a bookstore (independent bookstore – book sales for them, cash for Dreamcatching). Suggests that F & S check it out (hands them free coupons – because it’s one man & one woman, it won’t throw off the numbers, just be one extra table). With Tomas busy with Allegra, L will be the only coordinator there.
*F calls M on his way to work – gives him partial info, asks him to stake out the tattoo parlor. Anyone with those tats is in danger. From last night’s info, all the guys who got them are dead – any new victims still need to be tattooed.
*F goes to work. Half shift. Cuts out early to go to speed dating (boss very not happy). Call to Pru – she’s hunting Dr. Lulu. F & S at speed dating. There’s early amusement and merriment (also some business with L not being thrilled seeing F do the dating), but no breaks. None of the tattoos they’re looking for (they’re checking the women, too, just to be sure), no elf presence other than L in her coordinator position. Toward end, Soli (now wearing Beth’s skin) shows up, inserting into schedule so that F suddenly faces her across the table. Smug & taunting (dangers of Facebook!) – and F can’t do anything. Public place, surrounded by humans. S across room – she can’t interfere. Taunts are personal here. Some hints of info (answer the question of why Soli dumped Gage’s body in house rather than disposing of it in the incinerator or an accident – Soli has a nasty sense of humor. Liked the idea of a vampire dealing with a drained body. Knew that the vampires would cover up everything, making an easy evening for her. She wanted to cut out early and hit a bar, not stage an accident or sit around waiting for the incinerator to do its work. A line also about Gage being tied upside down: “Impressed? I was a Girl Scout. Got a badge in knotwork.”) Soli slips out of place before F can follow. He runs out, but she’s gone. She got into a car, so S can’t track her. S & L both react.
*F & L & S in car, discussing. L has been making calls – no answers, but there are hints that something big is going on with Themselves. And Allegra had a son, and there was a lot of excitement – more than usual, even for a ¾ giving birth. Note: What Lilah knows here is what everyone not involved in the murders has been told – that Allegra’s pregnancy was a ¾ and ¾ mix. Learn here about elf reproduction – the changelings were comparatively easier to create – human DNA seems to stabilize the elf problems, though there’s still only a 7% success rate. ½ to ½ are fine, with all offspring being active halfsies, but it was only after Lulu involved witch magic 30 years ago at her clinic that they were able to get a larger stream of changelings, and that 25 years ago there was the first birth of a ¾ cross. Before that, crossing a halfsie and an Ad-hene (Themselves) (one of the politer terms used by the Neighbors – the elves themselves prefer Sidhe or Tuatha de Danann) invariably resulted in nothing. The first generation of the 3/4s are in reproductive age now, and while they cross well together (just like halfsies, in fact), they’ve hit a wall again on reproducing with the Ad-hene – and in this one, even the witch magic hasn’t resulted in the 7/8th pregnancy that they’re hoping for. Allegra’s birth happened that afternoon. (Discussion on why Lilah won’t ask her parents for help. S: Fort, Keebler has a point. Her mommy fucked PopPop, and not in a Kathryn Harris The Kiss kind of way, either. Total premeditation and intent. We probably shouldn’t ask this woman to question her loyalties. F: Suze, don’t be like that. They did an insemination, obviously. That’s different. L: (silence) F: Uh, Lilah? L: (quiet) F: You mean, your mom really—L: I don’t know, okay? F: How can you not know? L: That’s kind of a zero-sum question to ask your mom. ‘Did you fuck your father’ has a really collosal downside. I’d rather just assume insemination.)
*F & S hit a hotel room. Two beds, one room. S doesn’t like how much Soli seemed to know about him, and isn’t willing to sleep in the apartment, or even her place. (she calls K, tells her to stay at the boyfriend’s and keep an eye out). L back to her place (S doesn’t worry about her. Plus, since the elves are employing Soli, she’d probably hesitate to do anything to L, even if she’s figured out that L is involved with the investigation, which she probably hasn’t, thanks to L’s incredible duck and cover routine at the tattoo parlor). F calls Pru, she thinks she’s closing in on Lulu. F & S try to get some sleep. (some early convo about after all this whining about reproduction S is grateful to be a kitsune. F: Why, how do you guys manage it? S: You meet a guy in a bar, you get laid, a few months later you have a litter of kits. Easy-peasy, and you even get a few free drinks in the deal.)
*F has the skinwalker nightmare about Beth’s death. S wakes him up. They talk. She tells him the kitsune story (the wife, the dog, the son, returning every night), to explain a little about the kitsune & relationships. F eventually falls back to sleep, S watching over him.

October 3, Thursday, am

*F wakes up because someone is knocking on the door – S is sleeping next to him in fox form (save human form for Book 3; She’s occupying his pillow – his head has been completely pushed off). It’s L with breakfast – she’s a little cautious at first – there are undercurrents, but S stays in fox form the whole time (eats breakfast that way), and L relaxes, starts warming up to F again.
*They’re finishing up breakfast when F’s phone rings. Call is from Matt – he’s been staking out the tattoo shop. A guy just came out with bandages in right spots, accompanied by Soli/Beth. He took a photo – emails it to Fort’s phone (all the bells & whistles from Chiv after Book 1). L recognizes Felix from Dreamcatching, good wtf & shock moment. Matt has now lost them in traffic. (Soli being careful this time).
*L is flummoxed – makes no sense, but she’s scared for the changeling boy. They need answers. Call Pru – she’s hit a dead end on Lulu – woman is wiley, has gone to ground. F asks L if there’s anything she can do. Hard decision, BUT (because she realizes that changeling is in danger) – Lulu would come out if there was enough incentive. And L can create that incentive.
*F & S & L go to L’s apartment. There, L calls a woman she is friendly with in the elf community (Peggie), but who has completely uncompromised loyalty to Themselves and the population. Lilah tells her that she is preg by a ¾ guy (Cole, Neighbors have been trying to set them up forever), but has been hiding it because she wasn’t sure what she was going to do, if she’d keep it. But now she’s having cramping, and is scared. Says she’s at her apartment. (knows that the woman will track Lulu down wherever, and this woman is utterly loyal – Lulu would trust, and there’s too much desire for ½ and ¾ crosses to not come – 5/8 aren’t ¾, but they’re better than 1/2)
*F & S & L wait at the apartment. Half an hour later, Dr. Lulu hurries in. Gets jumped by S & F, who were hiding. Tied to chair. They try to interrogate, but nothing. Lulu is a fanatic – really mad at Lilah (but Lilah is holding firm – more horrified that they are now hurting not just humans, but their own changelings. Lilah will also at some point say the ultimate heresy – that they’re all frantic to breed back to the full elves, but maybe they should just be freaking content with the community they’ve created and stop trying to recreate the past, which has never sounded that rosy to her in the first place). This section covers most of the afternoon – F realizes that they aren’t getting the info they need – calls in Pru. Once it is dark enough (4:30) Pru arrives – now Lulu is scared, and with some ‘encouraging’, spills the whole story.:
When the witch magic wouldn’t create the 7/8 that they’d been trying for, a few in the community who were trusted more closely by Themselves for this task (known to be fanatical) started looking to even darker stuff, and Tomas located the fertility ritual for Lulu – now F/S/Pru learn about how this is an enormously powerful ritual. Now they learn the details – the hands and gonads have to be eaten by the man (the elves have no problem with that – they like it), the tongue by the woman, and they have to have intercourse in a rain of the sacrifice’s blood. The witch’s roofie drink was used to drug the girls enough to do anything. The ritual starts just after moonrise, and ejaculation had to happen while the sacrificial man was still alive.
The sacrifices, the connections, and the breeding to ¾ females. We learn here that Allegra was the first time they used this ritual, and the baby who was just born is the 7/8 cross that they’ve been striving for. With that baby, though, and its promise – yesterday Themselves got excited, and made the decision to start using active changelings, with hopefully even more spectacular results. The first sacrifice is planned for tonight. Horrifying, but they get the location of the sacrifice (the fairy circle outside the entrance to Underhill – Lilah knows the spot) out of her, as well as the time (moonrise – 8:09pm). (L: Who are you using [which ¾]? Lulu: You should know [implying Iris, Lilah’s 19-year-old sister]. L: No, no – my parents would never agree to that. Lulu: They are loyal. They didn’t question us, just agreed to give the girl the brew, have her ready for Tomas to pick up.) Prudence kills Lulu after she’s told everything, and Fort is okay with it. (Pru: You’re point, Fort. What do I do? F: Kill her. (impressing Pru)) After all, Lulu just admitted to multiple murders, with no remorse, and was the one who cut off the hands & genitals, cut out tongues, sliced open the men’s arteries. All of men she’d delivered as infants.
*F & S & L to car. Pru to her own car.
A note on Underhill: Underhill is located in Lincoln Woods State Park – close to Providence (95 N to Rt 146N, to exit marked with signs) No entrance fee, open sunrise to sunset, gates open year-round, though. 627 acres with freshwater lake, equestrian trails, hiking and climbing. (history) The elves, with severely declining numbers, were locked in Underhill in 1845 – the year the Potato Famine in Ireland began. That’s when their halfsie offspring (all Irish at that point) fled to America, ending up in Boston & Providence. It took sixty-three years for the halfsies and the few elves locked out with them to open a gate – they managed it in what would become the park. Worried about long-term security, they made deals with Madeline Scott that went beyond their settling deals that led her to use her political influence to influence the creation of the park around their gate in 1908.
*They are all rushing to the fairy circle – the time needs to be close enough that they have to rush, and even then will only get there after everything has been set up and the ceremony has just started, with them just waiting on the arrival of Lulu. F calls M’s cellphone, gets voicemail. (M is actually tailing them right now.) They arrive at park entrance and park. L will direct them to a secluded place to park. F has the Ithaca 37 hidden in his trunk – in a locked container, along with the .45 from last book, which will be his backup now. He’ll also put extra shells & ammo in his belt. S has her own long knives, plus grabs the tire iron. Pru will be working with bare hands. Lilah – well, she takes a smaller gun (that unregistered .38 that Suze keeps throwing in her duffel just in case), but mostly she is going to focus on getting her sister and the changeling out of there. (so brave – so very unprepared – she’s clearly still dealing with Lulu’s death – even though she agreed to the necessity)
*Big throwdown. Map out in more detail when closer, but important elements are: at the fairy circle, the 5 big elves will be there. At seeing F & Pru and realizing the vampires are coming down, two (Beron & Hobeny) will cut and run, leaving Amadon, Nokke, and Shoney. There are also 6 ½ elves (including Tomas), 1 ¾ elf (Cole, that dude that they were trying to set up L with) actively helping – relatively easy to engage with – no training. Plus Soli – big threat – able to engage with Pru. There’s also Iris (drugged to gills, sitting naked in an inflatable kiddie pool that has been set up underneath where the changeling is hanging). They were waiting for Lulu to arrive to start. S will slice with knives, catch one elf (Nokke?) really well with the tire iron. Pru will rip one elf’s head (Shoney) head completely off his body (kill move!), slices up some halfies. A few halfsies have guns. F gets one elf with a shotgun blast to the body (Amadon), shoots at least two halfsies. Fort will also have a direct engagement with Soli, and in some way neutralize her or drive her backwards (she’s for hire, after all – she isn’t here to die). Matt will also show up at some point – early enough for Pru to see, but when the tussle could go either way. F threatened? Lilah directly threatened? He followed them, sees that these people are NOT human. Learns truth. In a moment where everything is obvious, he’ll have to trust F completely (despite everything), and will. Will shoot at a couple of elves – cold iron. Will be injured and on the ground at some point at end of fight. (not critically, but enough to take him down). Maybe Soli injured him, then F drove her back? (YES) Pru ends up chasing Soli after she disengages and runs – they disappear into woods. Eventually the halfsies are scattered and on ground, Iris & changeling have been grabbed by Lilah (standing in front of them with gun), Shoney is dead, Soli has fled, Amadon is full of cold iron and not doing great (Suze gets a few good hits with the tire iron on this one), and Fort has the shotgun aimed right at Nokke. Nokke raises hands, agrees to surrender. Talks with Fort, accepts him as Mad’s emissary, agrees to accept whatever judgement Mad decides on. (at last minute, when everything is agreed on, Fort will shoot Nokke in the kneecap. Just getting in a small moment of vengeance for those who died – showing also that Fort is harder now.) Grabs Amadon, they disappear into Underhill, leaving the remaining halfsies alone. Shoney’s dead body left, swarmed by hysterical halfsies (whoever left alive), who are no threat at all.
*Moment where everything seems okay, then Pru returns with Soli’s skin. Says that the skinwalker is dead, approves of Fort’s actions. No need to wipe out elves – Shoney’s death and the injuries to Amadon and Nokke – Pru is very much approving. Then suddenly things are problematic again – Pru walks over to where Matt is on the ground – he’s seen everything, and Pru knows that he knows. She also clearly knows who he is – calls him by name, says that he’s been a problem for long enough. Goes to kill him, but Fort moves with vampire speed and puts the shotgun muzzle against her head, tells her to stop. Tries to argue that this is a decision for Mad, but Pru realizes that he wants M to live, even knowing what he does. She’s upset. Forced back from Matt (F: Don’t push me, sister. Remember what happened to Luca.), points out that it will be Mad’s decision, but who will present their case to her first? Runs to car. Suze goes Matt, tells F to go – she’ll handle this. F runs to car.
*Car race to Newport! Back & forth, but the both peel into the driveway at the same time. Pru pushes F down, he skids and bounces on the rock driveway, runs ahead. He gets up and follows, leaving the guns in the car. Knows that Mad is inside, but Chiv is not – worrying. Runs inside, but Pru isn’t heading upstairs, where they both know Mad is. Instead, she’s going for Henry. F chases her, not knowing what she plans, but nothing that it can’t be any good.
*The polishing maid has been thrown aside, injured, not dead. F runs down the stairs. When he gets downstairs, he sees that Pru has also pushed aside Mr. Albert. He arrives just as Pru rips open the door to Henry’s enclosure – a huge example of strength. But Henry is fast and strong – he’s past Pru in an instant, going straight for his target – Mr. Albert, hurrying behind Pru, trying to contain. Henry moves close, close enough that Mr. Albert uses a stun-gun, but Henry is already ripping into Mr. Albert’s throat with his teeth. Even the stun-gun just jolts him, but he’s still ripping, ripping open Mr. Albert’s chest. He’s trying to eat him – F stops in his tracks, horrified, but Pru has pulled around now. She grabs at Henry, he pulls away. F yells, asks what she’s doing. She says something to indicate that she’s going to kill Henry. F is in shock, but he tries to stop her – he left the gun in the car, he is bare-handed. Pru slams a hand in his chest, he’s thrown hard against the wall, smacking his head. Slides down, head swimming. Pru catches Henry by the neck, and is pulling her other hand back to strike & kill him. Pru’s hand is caught by Mad, who is enraged – first time that F has ever seen her blue eyes completely black (neither he or Pru saw her enter – but Mr. Albert managed to hit the panic button). (M: My will was clear. Why have you crossed me? Pru: (still holding onto Henry) Whether it is sentimentality or ego that holds you back, it is enough. Fortitude’s transition has been held back for two decades, and I am saying enough. Perhaps it’s too late, maybe he’s ruined – more human than vampire. But I am putting a stop to your games.) Mad swipes, and Pru has to drop Henry, who lies still. He’s injured in a few places (maybe he and Pru actually had some kind of engagement?) Pru and Mad lock hands, each pushing. For a minute, Pru is winning. Then Mad grunts, her black eyes actually start to glow, and she pushes with full strength. Pru forced down. Pru is down, but this has to clearly take a lot of effort out of Mad, and her eyes bleed quickly down to blue, and don’t gleam with her usual strength. (Mad: (gently, the anger is gone) My darling, my dove, my daughter. So strong, and almost ready to leave my nest. (quick move, damaging Pru) But not today, love. (another injury) And not tomorrow. (a third move, gruesome, leaving bones sticking out, damaging even more) My will is still your law. (then leans down and strokes Pru’s face lovingly, with weird pride on her face) But soon, dearest. Now go. (Pru can’t walk, so she crawls, past Fort, who she glares at – the old hatred is doubled – this betrayal was worst)
*Now Mad checks on F, then Henry. Clicks her tongue disapprovingly (Mad: Ah, Henry. Such trouble you are.) Drips her blood into his wounds, wounds slowly close. Henry breathes easier again. She is visibly weakened, orders him back into cage. He struggles against command for a second, then gives in and obeys. He goes and sits, then looks at Fort. Note: With Mad in the room, Henry is puppet-like – F has never seen him with Mad in the room. Now Mad bends and touches Mr. Albert on forehead, sighing. (Mad: Oh, Albert. Faithful to the last). Now she goes to Fort, who was pulled himself into a sitting position. They will have the conversation about why she made him different (survival, adaptation – humans are a danger. In the 1800s, there was a significant uptick in the hunting of vampires. Rarely dangerous, but those with slow reproductive cycle (Mad realized) needed to be cautious. This was also the era where human-caused extinctions were starting to happen in the animal world, and be noticed by naturalists for the first time. She took note of that, plus the new theory of Darwinism, and decided to make a change), and the results. Prudence’s host parents were killed at her birth, which was usual. Their blood was her first meal. She is everything that a typical vampire should be – and that most parents would be proud of. But that’s not what the species needs. So when Mad made Chiv, she killed his father at birth, but she also experimented by leaving his host mother alive until he was 15, which she found held back the transition significantly. Chiv is different than most vampires – more capacity to love, less fixation on his own self-interest, his devotion to his wives, even though it leads to their deaths, is notably different than typical. Both were entirely raised by Mad. With Fort, though, she made significant changes – she wants him to have self-control, but also an understanding of humans that she, Pru, and even Chiv lack. Now Mad is clearly very weakened, F has to physically carry her upstairs to her own room. There’s a long blood trail leading to Pru’s suite of rooms.
*F sets Mad up in her own room (Mad: Much to do, my darling), then brings up what he and Pru were speeding here to discuss – Matt. There’s some discussion. Mad isn’t pleased, tapping her fangs with her fingertips – she knows of him. She and Pru have discussed him several times. Long wait, but in the end, Mad allows Matt to live – but to Fort: “You are close to an adult. I will let you make this decision – but remember that he and his actions are your responsibility now. If Mr. McMahon is dangerous to us, you will have to kill him. Not me. Not even your brother.”
*F leaves the mansion. Chiv is coming in when he leaves, but F tells him to help Mad, keep an eye on Henry and Pru – he can’t stop to talk. F calls Suze. She brought Matt to F’s apartment. F drives there – completely exhausted, yet unable to even imagine sleeping.
*F asks, and S leaves them alone. Matt is tied to a chair (again – make a lame joke here), and bandaged up. F tells Matt everything – the truth about Jill & Brian’s deaths, what is at stake, the world that Matt didn’t even know existed. What was behind the Grann murders months ago. Matt listens to it all, not speaking. F unties Matt at the end, and Matt just looks at him. Matt leans forward, pushing his hand gently but insistently into F’s mouth – F knows what he’s looking for. Says that he doesn’t have the teeth (which Matt saw on Pru when she was about to kill him) yet, but he will eventually. Once he transitions. Matt abandons him – this has to be harsh, but at the same time with justification.
*S walks in – she didn’t listen, but was waiting in the parking lot. She saw Matt leave. Fort sits on the couch, shattered. S takes him by hand, leads him to bed, settles him down, gently, with great care. Tells him to go to sleep – that it will be easier to deal with in the morning. He takes her hand as she starts to leave, asking where she’s going. She says she’s going home – there’s no more danger. It was taken care of. While he was driving, Chivalry already called all of the elf leaders left – laid down Mad’s punishment. Won’t tell him what it was tonight – just that it was harsh. No one is going to dare come after him. He can’t believe she’s leaving – she looks at him (full poker face) – tells him that Lilah had to take her sister & Felix home, but that she’ll call him in a few days. Leaves. F can’t quite get it. But sleeps.

Aftermath (over a period of a few days)

*Next day, F gets voicemail – he skipped out of work the night of the throwdown, not even thinking about it. He’s been fired. Again. He has to job hunt and find a new roommate – again.
*Chiv calls, tells him that in a few days they’re going out on the Firefly with Bhumika – no discussion. F tries to get out, saying that he has a lot to do. Chiv forces it, and (still bruised and sore from last night’s throwdown), F agrees.
*A few days later, L shows up at F’s apartment. (NOTE: Suze has not shown up since she tucked him into bed. She is deliberately keeping distance, though she should have sent some kind of silly gift his way – pajamagram?) Her sister and the changeling are safe – no one is particularly happy with Lilah right now, especially not Nokke, but she’s okay with that. She’s quit her job at Dreamcatching – will be figuring out how to live outside the community again. But suggests that maybe it doesn’t have to be like last time – asks F on a date. A lot riding on this – F is in the moment of decision, has to really weigh this, understand that Lilah really would be a good person to be with. But F chooses – he says that he’ll always be L’s friend, always be there to keep her company, but he isn’t going to date her. L blushes, asks if this is about S. F nods – he isn’t going to sugarcoat. L nods, then says (with grace) that she does hope that they really do stay friends.
*The day of the Firefly yacht ride – cool but sunny, a good last sail of the season. They’re on the boat, sailing in crisp October air in Narragansett Bay – and it’s clear that this will be Bhumika’s last trip on the boat. Sadness, worry about future. Toward end of day, there needs to be one small conversation between Chiv and F (about Mad’s decline, Pru’s challenge to their mother, worries about future. At least one mention that Chiv wants to make sure that F has the Matt situation under control – that Chiv would have chosen to kill Matt in that situation, though he would’ve done it quickly and painlessly) (There will also be the conversation here about Fort being ready to police alone – needing to cover for Chiv a while during Bhumika’s last months, but also an acknowledgement that after the elf incident he’s confident that F can handle himself (he negotiated when he could, he was willing to fight when negotiation failed, he made allies, and he was willing to make hard choices, like killing Lulu) He gives F his first solo assignment – a group of selkies are sinking local fishing boats that haven’t paid ‘protection’. Look into it, locate ringleaders, stop it)
*F goes home after boat ride. He is still leaving calls with Matt, but Matt won’t answer or pick up. He’s starting to look into the selkie incidents (there does need to be that solo confidence here). He’s also doing job interviews, hunting for work, putting up fliers for roommate, but at the same time he’s doing it halfheartedly – always waiting for S to show up. She doesn’t. Finally, one evening he gets irritated (glancing at window all evening long) and drives to her apartment, rings bell. She answers, looks surprised. He is standing on the doorstep, just blurts out his decision with Lilah. She’s surprised – teases him a little, but he can tell that she’s pleased. He then hands her a mix cd he made (as a joke on her earlier mix tape dig), and he’ll also end by asking her to partner up with him on the selkie run – and implied, in future. She gives him that slow, foxy smile, and says, “Sounds like fun.” and invites him in. He walks inside, knowing that something has changed between them, again. Ends with this element of commitment going forward – hint at romance. But the equality and respect is most important to emphasize on way out.

Four days until Iron Night!

Look how awesome that cover is! Coming to a bookstore near you!

Look how awesome that cover is! Coming to a bookstore near you!

Happy New Year! Here in Connecticut, we celebrated with a giant snowstorm! (it’s our culture, don’t judge us!) So I got to spend three hours today shoveling. That was plenty of time to think about the Iron Night release — believe me, if I ever get crazy wealthy and famous (think GRRMartin), Crazy Wealthy Spending #1 will be to put my brother on retainer so that every time there’s a crazy snowstorm here, he has to fly out from California and shovel my driveway while I sit inside with a cup of hot cocoa. AND LAUGH.

Anyway, snowmadness aside, there’s lots of excitement, because Iron Night is going to be published in FOUR DAYS! Here, click this link to see actual video footage of what I look like right now:

Yes, I am a sophisticated creature.

Some amazing reviews of Iron Night are already getting posted by some of my very favorite bloggers. Here’s what some of them are saying!

Candace wrote:

I’m definitely a HUGE fan of this series and I’m liking the direction it seems to be taking. I’m curious to see how it plays out and I NEED more Fort and Suzume!

Mogsy wrote:

I can’t recommend these books enough. This sequel was simply amazing, and it was everything I’d hoped for and more. Earlier this year when I read Generation V, I knew this had the potential to become one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series. Well, Iron Night pretty much made that official!

And Julie wrote:

If you are looking for an exceptional urban fantasy read, you must check out Generation V and Iron Night. These are some of the best urban fantasy books I’ve read…ever. The style, the pace, the voice, the characters, the world, the story…all outstanding. A MUST for your bookshelves.

How awesome is that? You’d have to made of stone to not be curious about the book now! And if you’re one of those people who hasn’t read Generation V (and yet strangely still visits my blog — hey, I’m not judging), check out Justin’s awesome inclusion of it as one of the 2013 Juice Box Awards Debut finalists! And let me tell you, when a guy is spending 1/3rd of the review explaining why he usually *doesn’t* like urban fantasy, and STILL recommending an urban fantasy? You should pay attention.

Happy Holidays

Courtesy of Annika Einarsson, holiday Iron Night!

Courtesy of Annika Einarsson, holiday Iron Night!

Happy (belated) Holidays! Check out that fantastically seasonal photo of Iron Night, sent to me by Annika! It’s now only twelve days until Iron Night is available for sale, so this is tremendously exciting — especially since a whole bunch of some of my favorite people have been reading their copies over the holiday break! (check out the Iron Night Goodreads page for some amazing reviews!)

While you’re waiting for the continuing adventures of Fort (and don’t worry, Suze is definitely back as well! plus a few new faces, and some unexpected reappearances), check out my guest post over at That’s What I’m Talking About The 12 Days of Christmas Movies Countdown. There’s also a fantastic review over at My Bookish Ways, plus Iron Night made a Top 10 (+2) Must Reads of January 2014 list!

Pretty great, right? Plus I even got a few entries for my Fanart Contest! Observe and admire! (and remember that entries can still be sent in, and that the top three entries get free copies of Iron Night!)

Entered by Rob

Entered by Rob

Not quite how I pictured Suzume, admittedly, but I understand artistic license. Plus, Skittles is kind of capturing some of her essence, right?

Entered by Shecky

Entered by Shecky

Now that’s in the right species! Plus, who can resist a giggling fox? I certainly cannot.

Alright, so those are the two in the lead? Think you can do better? Send me your entry via Twitter, Facebook, or email!

12 days to Iron Night!

The Conclusion of Author Chat…. or is it?

What did we learn in the course of Author Chat? Well, we definitely learned about how much all of us love Dune.

What did we learn in the course of Author Chat? Well, we definitely learned about how much all of us love Dune.

The final round of author chat is live at Leigh Bardugo’s tumblr! Check it out to discover which author all of us lie about having read! (hint: it rhymes with Lonathan Spanzen)

Have you enjoyed these four rounds of author chat? Of course you have (I think?)! After all, it was Django Wexler, Teresa R. Frohock, and Leigh Bardugo in all their awesome glory, with me bringing up the rear like an adorable little caboose! (aw, look at those amazing fantasy authors — they’re so nice to let M. L. Brennan play along) (I kid, of course — though if you want to have your mind blown by amazing fantasy this holiday season, check out The Thousand Names, Miserere: An Autumn Tale, and Shadow and Bone. They make great gifts, too! And you can toss on a copy of Generation V to make it over the hump into the free shipping)

You know what all the cool kids are buying? These. You don't want to be left out, do you? Succumb to peer pressure!

You know what all the cool kids are buying? These. You don’t want to be left out, do you? Succumb to peer pressure!

We did this author chat to try to capture a little of that experience of going to a panel at a con, and seeing authors answer questions and have a bit of fun. But we wouldn’t be able to fully capture a panel without the final, most crucial part — audience participation!

Do you have a question you’d like the panel to answer? Post it in the comments, and over the next few days, we’ll sift through and find the ones that are the most awesome. Then keep your eyes peeled in January for Author Chat II: Fan Service.

I leave you with this final bit of awesome:

Did you miss any of the earlier rounds of Author Chat? If so, check them out here:

Round One is right here on my blog!
Round Two was at Django’s house!
Round Three was hosted by Teresa!
And Round Four was rocked out on Leigh’s Tumblr!

Author Chat, Round One

Author Chat, Round One

Author Chat, Round One

There are a lot of great things about cons. The booths, the artists’ alley, meeting new people, the cosplay – but one of my favorite things is being able to see panel discussions (it’s pretty fun to be on them, too). I love seeing the moderator ask a question, and seeing that question get handled by several different authors, each one adding something new and interesting to the conversation, and each following author riff on the answer of the previous author just a bit before bringing out their own point. It can bring up some really interesting insights, and also some extremely unexpected surprises, and it’s a format that I enjoy a lot.

So I was eating breakfast one morning and reflected that it would not only be quite a few months before my next con attendance but that there were authors who I was extremely fond of who I might never get a chance to be on a panel with. (yes, sometimes this is what I think about as I eat breakfast. Don’t judge me!)

And at that point I thought – wait a second. Surely the Internet should be able to solve this, just as I have been promised that it will solve every one of my other problems (most recently the problem of needing to do holiday shopping while also not wanting to change out of my pajamas). Which is how I decided to do my very own micro-panel – and I was fortunately able to convince three excellent fantasy writers to play along. We all came up with two questions for the panel, which we then answered one at a time in a very large group email. It was quite a lot of fun, and there are some really interesting topics and answers, so I hope that it will also be fun to read! We’ve broken the conversation into four portions – so today’s portion will be on this blog, and the later parts will be released every few days on the other authors’ blogs, with links posted in just about every crevice of social media that we have access to.

With no further ado, please join me, Django Wexler, Teresa Frohock, and Leigh Bardugo for Author Chat, Part One.

Q: When you were a kid, what was one movie moment or character that you think had a long-term impact on your writing?

ML Brennan: It was the owl from the animated movie The Secret of NIMH. He had those insanely creepy glowing eyes, there was hanging stuff all through his home, there were freaking *bones* littering the place, he kept eating those moths throughout the conversation, and there was that overhanging threat through the entire scene that he would at any point eat poor Mrs. Frisby, who couldn’t be tinier or more vulnerable compared to him. So the entire scene is on this knife-edge of possibility – will he eat this mouse who has come to see him, or will he give her the information she has asked for? Because at the same time that the owl is presented as this really monstrous and frightening creature (really different than how I was ever used to seeing owls before), he also is really wise and has useful information. It really made an impact on me, because the owl was terrifying, yet important, but at the same time the movie made it really clear that he wasn’t bad – or good. He was the owl, and he had no real affiliation – that he gave Mrs. Frisby the information she asked for wasn’t because he was nice, but because she showed up a useful time of day and he didn’t eat her. And Mrs. Frisby herself knew going in that she might get eaten – she didn’t have any trump card or insurance, she just took a huge risk to get what she needed to help her family. I haven’t seen that movie in probably twenty years at least, but I still really viscerally remember the impact that the owl had on me. (I also remember later, after reading the book, how pissed I was that the movie makes the resolution of the problem involve magic rather than mechanics, but I guess that’s a separate topic)

Also, I found a picture of that owl – guys, tell me that this isn’t the most freaking badass owl that ever appeared in film.

That owl haunts my dreams.

That owl haunts my dreams.

Django Wexler: Man, the Secret of NIMH was a really strange movie – terrifying by modern standards! I remember it scaring the crap out of me when I was little. For some reason there was a period in 70s and 80s when it was considered okay for animated children’s movies to be horrifying or traumatizing.

For my biggest writing influences, I’m going have to go a little astray and look to television instead of movies. In particular, I remember Babylon 5 (which I watched most of when it first aired, and then again on video) really changed my ideas of what TV storytelling, or storytelling in general, could be like. There are bits of that show (Vir’s final “meeting” with Morden, for example, or the fulfillment of Londo’s prophecies) that make it clear how well the arcs were structured in advance, and I was just in love with the idea of this big, deep world-building that slowly builds to the conclusion of an epic arc over the course of many shorter episodes. (There wasn’t much else like it on TV at the time! Things are much better now.) Most of the writing I did at the time was for RPG campaigns, and you can really see the influence if you got back and look at that stuff; my adventure notes are full of gradual revelations of ancient secrets and vague foreshadowing of future dooms.

Teresa Frohock: God, I’m old. My daughter loved The Secret of NIMH. I remember a little about Babylon 5, but I was an adult when that came on. (I remember waiting every week in anticipation of the next episode of the original Battlestar Galactica!)


If I had to pick one movie or story that really influenced me, it would be The Last Unicorn, an animated movie that I saw before I ever read Peter S. Beagle’s work. As an adoptee, the unicorn’s search for others like herself really resonated with me. The whole twist with Schmendrick, who really loved the unicorn and was just a little jealous of Lir and Amalthea, showed me how the subtle interplay of emotions can lead a story just as competently as a lot of action. There was adventure, and laughter, and love, and most importantly, regret. Nothing was sugarcoated and the ending wasn’t happy, but it made such elegant sense that I adored the movie. When I found there was a book, I devoured it.

I think the beauty of that story and the original animated version of The Little Mermaid (where the little mermaid actually turns to seafoam in the end) really taught me that effective storytelling doesn’t have to rely on non-stop action. The true action within a story occurs during the interplay of the characters. Everything else is flash and glitz.

The Last Unicorn facing down The Red Bull.

The Last Unicorn facing down The Red Bull.

Leigh Bardugo: Do you know what wigged me out the most about The Last Unicorn? Molly Grue’s response to the unicorn—this idea that there was an expiration date on when magic could make a difference in your life.

My pivotal movie moment has to be… Highlander. Yeah, I said it. We had pirated cable and I must have watched it a hundred times. I loved the flashbacks, the fight scenes, Sean Connery in velvet. Looking back, I’m like, “Why no lady immortals?” But at the time, it didn’t occur to me to feel locked out of the story. Of course there were lady immortals, and I was one of them, and I just had to wait on the Quickening. I suppose this is also the time to confess that I’ve cosplayed as the Kurgan. I own a skull helm.

Most awesome headgear EVER.

Most awesome headgear EVER.

Teresa Frohock: I’d totally forgotten Molly’s idea that magic didn’t last forever. I need to read the book again. There were just so many good things in that novel. 😉

Q: What are your feelings about seriously harming or even killing main characters?

ML Brennan: I think if you take that off the table, you can inhibit yourself. I think it can also become that old Star Trek issue – redshirts might die by the thousands, but you’re never that worried because you know that the A Team is going to get through the episode without a scratch on them. (a situation that I thought was delightfully built on in John Scalzi’s appropriately-titled Redshirts) That’s not to say that books where the main characters get off fairly unscathed throughout are not as good (I’ve enjoyed many books like that, for instance), but some of the books that have surprised and challenged me the most as a reader were the ones that did some serious damage to (or even killed) main characters.

In my series, the books are told from a first-person perspective, so it’s kind of a given that Fort has to live through each book. But when I write, I try my best to keep all options on the table. I might love writing Suzume, Prudence, or Madeline, but I want to keep the possibilities alive that bad things could happen.

What I’ve found most interesting about all of that was that when I was drafting my third book, I was telling the plot to both my agent and my editor. The plot involved the death of a major character – and my agent argued very strenuously against the death. My editor left the decision up to me, but did warn me that readers could react very negatively to the death of a major character. The manuscript is written, but the experience really showed me that it wasn’t just as simple as me making the decision – there was also the publishing aspect, and then the potential fan fallout. So there are really a lot of elements to it. (I actually read somewhere that Charlaine Harris had planned to kill one of her main characters, Bill, in her ninth book, but that the publisher pushed back so hard that she had to back down)


Django Wexler: I definitely agree with the Redshirts problem. If you’re writing a story in which people get hurt and killed a lot, but none of the important cast ever does, then the emotional impact of the fighting is lost. The actions of the main characters lose their meaning and significance – is it really brave to go and fight if you always come out okay, and can you really have a heroic self-sacrifice if some plot device always intervenes at the last moment to keep you alive? Worse, the readers catch on and begin to assume that the main cast will be fine, and any new characters are only there to be killed off for emotional oomph. (This can become a recurring “I will avenge my dead girlfriend/boyfriend/adopted kid/pet canary!” problem. After a while, it becomes clear that joining up with the main character is a deathtrap …)

(Aside: While it’s not the world’s greatest show, this is one thing The Walking Dead TV series gets right – they’re unafraid to off even long-running characters, which invests the show with a real sense of tension. “Contractual immunity” – i.e. the actor has a contract, so the character can’t die – really hurts drama.)

It’s trickier, as ML said, when you’re locked into a particular point of view. I think the secret is to make sure there are plenty of other characters that the protagonist and the reader care about, and to let them get hurt or killed when it would be appropriate and realistic for that to happen. It’s a tricky line to walk – that kind of thing is a powerful emotional tool, but you can’t overuse it or let the reader get the idea that you’re introducing characters JUST so you can kill them later.


Teresa Frohock: I think the trick here is that if that character’s death is part of the story, then yes, I definitely have no problem killing a main character. In the third book of the Katharoi series, I planned the death of some major characters–I mean, it’s a war, for God’s sake. People die in war, even people you like. I’m hoping that the events that lead up the deaths will feel organic and a part of the story.

I can’t tell you how much flack I’ve gotten over killing Father Matthew in Miserere. A few people were righteously angry over the fact that I’d created a likable character, then killed him … hey when you gotta go, you gotta go … seriously, I had no way to keep him from dying. Matthew was doomed from the opening sentence.

Overall though, I don’t believe that readers have a problem with seeing a major character die so long as the death fits the world and the story. Django talked about The Walking Dead and this is an excellent example of killing major characters as part of the story-line. Each time someone dies, the group dynamics take a radical shift. The deaths fit the world and the environment so nothing in the storytelling feels forced or unnatural.

I won’t kill a character for shock value or just to hook the reader into reading a sequel though. I think once I’ve used the death of a major character as a commercial plot device, then I’ve lost the reader’s respect. The same is true if I allow a character to live who should have died (see Father Matthew).

Readers know when they’re being manipulated. It’s not so much that a major character dies, it’s the fact that the readers feel manipulated and cheated.

Leigh Bardugo: I’m glad that you mentioned doing serious harm, because for me, that’s sometimes the more interesting choice. I like to take away the thing that the character believes defines him or her and then see what happens.

As for killing off characters, agreed on all fronts, particularly Teresa’s points re manipulating or cheating the reader. A death is like a declaration of love or any dramatic moment really—it has to feel earned. Even if the death is deliberately arbitrary (Whedon does this a lot—shrapnel! stray bullet! danger is everywhere!), I think the fallout has to be deeply felt. Otherwise, you’re just upping the body count and there’s a good chance the reader will begin to feel brutalized or simply stop caring. I don’t know. It’s easy to talk about these things in the abstract, but I just locked the third book in my trilogy and I worried quite a bit about striking a balance between the reality of war and narrative satisfaction. I still don’t know if I walked the line successfully.

Yep, let's all just take a second and remember the heartbreak...

Yep, let’s all just take a second and remember the heartbreak…

The conversation continues! See Author Chat, Round Two
Author Chat, Round Three
and Author Chat, Round Four

Did you enjoy reading our conversation? Why not read some more – like our books?

Leigh Bardugo: The bestselling Shadow and Bone and Siege and Storm can be bought now. The conclusion of the Grisha trilogy, Ruin and Rising will be published June 3, 2014. Learn more at

M. L. Brennan: Generation V is in stores now, and its sequel Iron Night will be published January 7, 2014. Learn more by clicking any above links.

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Harriet took the cigarette, which she felt she had deserved, and sat with her hands about her knees, mentally turning the incidents of the last hour into a scene in a book (as is the novelist’s unpleasant habit)… — Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night

Something that I have noticed about writers, both myself and my friends who write, is that we are endless collectors of little facts, incidents, and trivia. Even if we have no idea how we could ever fit something into a book or a story, we are unable to stop observing and collecting. I cannot tell you how many small scraps of paper are stuffed into my desk drawers or tucked into folders that have an interesting name that I heard, or a tidbit, or a fragment of an experience. Because the thing is, you’ll never know when something could become useful, or you might find a home for a particular shred of information. I was visiting with a friend from my masters program who had recently had a cyst removed from the back of her neck, and she was joking about how the whole process had been so gross that even in the name of writing, she hadn’t really wanted to take a look at the gunk that had come out of the hole. Which we both laughed about, because here’s the thing – writers are like cats. We can’t help investigating something, reading random magazine articles, or listening to a bizarre story that someone is telling. I had a friend who was in a terrible car accident that flipped his car and ended up lacerating his spleen, and when he was telling me about the whole experience later, I couldn’t help but start hoarding the details in my brain for possible later use.

Because it isn’t just the collection for its own sake, it’s the hope that someday this will be useful. That observing the gunk that comes out of an incision (yes, I did that when I had minor foot surgery), or listening to a friend’s frightening survival story, or even just sitting on the beach on a sunny day and thinking about what it feels like – that this will help in your writing. And the truth is that it actually does. Sometimes it helps with the big plot stuff, but a lot of the time it comes out in the secondary elements. At one point in Iron Night (to be published January 7, 2014, but available for pre-order now) I introduced Suzume’s home. The layout of her house is based on the duplex apartment that a friend of mine rented in Somerville, MA. Fort has a new crappy job in Iron Night, working as a waiter in a fancy restaurant and tormented by a foodie chef – that entire idea came to be because I was reading Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. And there’s actually a section where I mention how the fancy restaurant handles food allergies because I was also reading Sandra Beasley’s Don’t Kill The Birthday Girl: Tales From An Allergic Life. Houses, businesses, cars, weather, random elements – it all bleeds through from things I’ve seen or read. I was on a great panel at WorldCon this year about how to write horror, and at one point a casual comment ended up revealing that all of the writers on the panel were fans of books about Himalayan climbers (myself quite definitely included) – not because we were adrenaline junkies or wanted to ever do it ourselves, but because the topic itself was absolutely fascinating to us – the danger, the discomfort, the possibility of having to leave friends behind to certain death – that was the stuff we were hooked on.

From what I’ve seen, it seems to be practically universal to writers. So if you’re around me and you start telling a great story, or something funny happens, or we visit a certain restaurant – someday that might end up in something I’m writing. Maybe the whole thing, barely changed from life, or just the tiniest fragment will be glued into a larger scene. But it will definitely be there.

Oh Rapturous Day!

I did a dance when the UPS guy arrived.

I did a dance when the UPS guy arrived.

The Iron Night advanced reader’s copies are here!


There will be a more thoughtful post to come, but for now — I leave you with the music of happiness and triumph!

Iron Night: Locked Off

Iron Night released cover big version

On Monday night, I scanned and emailed my corrected page proofs to Roc, so Iron Night is now officially locked off! I’ve made my last changes, hopefully I’ve caught all of the biggest problems, and now it’s out of my hands. I remember being at this place before with Generation V, but it felt different then – at the point when I was finally hands-off with Generation V, I had to move straight back into work on other projects. Right now, just because of where things fell, I actually am getting a bit of a breather. The manuscript of Book 3 is with my editor, and I won’t get notes back on it for probably another month or two. I already have a bit of a list of notes on it from my readers and my agent, so I have a feeling that I’ll probably be doing some more extensive fixes on this one, but I’m happy to take a break from it (just for a little while!) so that when I come back to it later, I can have look at it with fresher eyes.

This is also a bit of a nervous point in the process, because while I’ve spent about a year in total working on Iron Night, and my direct involvement in the writing has now come to an end, it won’t be hitting bookstores until January, and since the ARCs (advanced reader’s copies) haven’t been produced yet, I haven’t gotten any “real” reader feedback yet. I’m really excited about this book, and I’ll definitely be doing more posts and dropping more hints about its content as we get closer to the release date, but mostly I can’t wait to see what people think about where I’m taking Fort and Suzume.

I’m going to be starting to work on publicity for Iron Night soon, so I’ll be getting a chance to talk with all my favorite bloggers again, and hopefully also try and get some bookstore events scheduled as well. Should be exciting, and I’ll get going on that next week.

Also coming up – New York Comic Con! I’m so excited about this! Thanks to support from a local businessman (my uncle in Forest Hills is letting me sleep on his sofa – thanks, Uncle Alan!) I’ll be in town on Friday and Saturday.

Here’s my schedule right now:

Thursday, October 10

Work ends at 6:50pm, head down to New York.

Friday, October 11

11:00am – 12:00pm: “FRIDAY FIRSTS” PENGUIN SIGNING (BOOTH 2129 )
First in series signing with M.L. Brennan (Generation V) and Benedict Jacka (Fated)
If you’ll be anywhere in the area, come and say hello to me! I’d love to sign your book or even just give you one of my cards!

That's a real inducement, isn't it? Yeah, look at it. This could be yours!

That’s a real inducement, isn’t it? Yeah, look at it. This could be yours!

7:45pm-?: Private dinner

Saturday, October 12

Speakers: Mia Garcia, A.D. Robertson aka Andrea Cremer, Django Wexler, Alex London, Myke Cole, Anton Strout, M.L. Brennan

Description: GEEK REVOLUTION is a no-holds-barred geek culture game show featuring six science fiction/fantasy authors competing for the chance to be TOP GEEK. In addition the audience members will be asked to ‘write-in’ questions in hopes of stumping the authors and winning a prize pack of books. Hold onto your hats, nerf herders, this might get ugly.

This is looking like so much fun, and I’m really looking forward to it! If you are going to be at NYCC, this had better be one of your required stops!

So that’s what’s planned so far – if you have an event or a party that you think I should be attending, tell me about it!

In other news, after working pretty frantically all summer, I actually had some downtime after I submitted the Book 3 manuscript. This meant that I was able to get some reading done! I love writing, and it’s very exciting when I’m in the middle of a project, but it does mean that my reading time gets pretty significantly cut back! Here is a list of the books I read since finishing the Book 3 manuscript:

The Age of Ice – J.M. Sidorova
Redshirts – John Scalzi
Who Gets What: Fair Compensation After Tragedy an Financial Upheaval – Kenneth Feinberg
Throne of the Crescent Moon – Saladin Ahmed
Parable of the Sower – Octavia E. Butler
Dushau – Jacqueline Lichtenberg
House of Zeor – Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Old Man’s War – John Scalzi
Shades of Milk and Honey – Mary Robinette Kowal
Darkborn – Alison Sinclair
Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo
(currently reading) The Summer Prince – Alaya Dawn Johnson

Have you read any of these books yourself? If so, what did you think?

The evolution of Fortitude Scott. I mean that in every sense, but more specifically, in the evolution of his cover model. Hiyo!

The evolution of Fortitude Scott. I mean that in every sense, but more specifically, in the evolution of his cover model. Hiyo!