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New Business Cards

Business cards 1

Hey everyone, my new business cards arrived today from! Check these out!

Okay, so I know that my business cards are not exactly breaking news (though, seriously, the covers look pretty fabulous in tiny pocket form), but I’m pretty stoked about this. Now when I go to cons in the future I can be all, “Oh, which card would you like? BECAUSE I HAVE THREE PUBLISHED BOOKS MOTHERFUCKER HAHAHAHAHA.”

Business cards 2

Okay, so I shamelessly ripped off what Max Gladstone’s business card layout looks like. SO WOULD YOU, DAMNIT.

Or, slightly more restrained. That maniacal laugh will still happen, of course. (‘cuz, standards) And, while I do of course have great affection for the cover of Generation V, I have to concede to the vox populi at this point and accept that it is not quite my strongest selling point with, you know, just about anyone. I do think that the Iron Night cover is pretty neat, and the Tainted Blood cover is just made of awesome. I think the publishers are trying to move the cover art in a more Iron Druid direction, which is never a bad idea. Plus, I have assurances from some of my favorite bloggers that not only do they think the new cover is cool, but that they would actually be willing to be seen in public with it. Heady stuff, guys!

If you’re going to be at Connecticon this year, stop me and ask for whichever of the cards you’d like!

This leaves really just one question – what the hell do I do with the fifty or so old cards?

Old business cards

I mean, technically they’re still mostly accurate, but I just don’t feel that they fully express my THREE FUCKING BOOKS MOTHERFUCKERS awesomeness. Hm. I seem to be cursing a lot on this blog today. …. yup, still okay with that.

The State of… not Monday

Monday’s usual blog update will not happen, since I’ll be in Newport, working on Book 3, drinking Awful Awfuls from the Newport Creamery, and avoiding soaking up the sun. (I have a big floppy hat and a stern warning from my dermatologist)

Awful big. Awful good. Seriously, best milkshakes *anywhere*.

Awful big. Awful good. Seriously, best milkshakes *anywhere*.

I’ll be without internet access for the most part (yay for productivity, sad face for Twitter), so I probably won’t be updating again until after ConnectiCon. For anyone attending who would like to say hello, here’s my set schedule:


Friday 1:30p – 2:30p: Worldbuilding in Fantasy & Scifi 101 – Panel 7

Friday 7:00p – 8:00p: Cross-genre Writing – Panel 8


Saturday 1:00p – 2:00p: M.L. Brennan Autograph Session – Online Media Guest Hall

I’m really excited about being on these two fantastic panels – I only know that Michael J. Sullivan is on both, which will probably give him the distinction of being the first author who I publically geekspaz out on since becoming a published author myself. (authors who I publically geekspazed out on *before* getting published myself? Um… let’s not dwell on that list…)

Also, if you are going to be at ConnectiCon on Saturday? PLEASE come see me during my signing session! I’m really looking forward to meeting some of the great people who I’ve bumped into on Twitter and through blogs, and I can even promise some swag!

Emphasis on “some,” but still – check out what just arrived in the mail today:

Came out even better than I’d hoped for! Thanks,!

Came out even better than I’d hoped for! Thanks,!

My Generation V business card! They are actually very cool to hold – the perfect size for sticking in a pocket or wallet, but the cardstock is really nice and the picture actually doesn’t do justice to how well the cover photo turned out! I’m really happy about these. So if you come say hi to me at my signing, but either don’t have your copy of Generation V or don’t have the spare money to buy it that day (though my publisher is sending a whole BOX to the convention, which, let me tell you: pressure), come over and I will sign one of the cards for you! I’ll also have a few of the Ace/Roc samplers that has the first chapter of Generation V in it, and I’m happy to give those out to the first 25 people who ask me. (and, I cannot stress this enough: ask me *while I’m carrying them* on Saturday. You can probably ask me for the business card if you run into me at any point in the con, since I’ll have a bunch in my pockets)

Next time I update, then, I’ll be able to talk about Newport, hopefully I’ll have some solid work done on Book 3, plus I’ll be able to talk about my FIRST CONVENTION!

Remember – in my absence, please harass friends, loved ones, and random strangers to buy my book.

Yawning baby fox entreats you to purchase Generation V!

Yawning baby fox entreats you to purchase Generation V!