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Iron Night In The World

This action shot of Iron Night is courtesy of Pamela @SkeletonGrrl

This action shot of Iron Night is courtesy of Pamela @SkeletonGrrl

So Iron Night is officially out in the world — thanks to everyone who made my book pub day so wonderful, and a special thanks to everyone who pre-ordered or made such an effort (despite arctic temperatures!) to buy Iron Night during its first week on the shelves — those numbers are incredibly important, and I’m really hoping that your efforts help make the difference on whether or not the publishers will greenlight a Fort Scott #4.

Thanks so much to everyone who is spreading the word and posting reviews — Iron Night already has three reviews on Amazon and eleven on Goodreads! That’s so incredible, and so much faster than Generation V did all the way back in May! It’s all very exciting, and I’m so very grateful.

Right now I’m on edits for Fort Scott #3, Tainted Blood, which is scheduled for November 2014, so you guys won’t have to wait another year for more of Fort & Suze (just ten months!). And to everyone who has read Iron Night already, here’s a little something: