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TAINTED BLOOD is released tomorrow!

Closer. Closer on my prettiness. Special nerd points to all those who got that particular MST3K reference. I salute you.

Closer. Closer on my prettiness.
Special nerd points to all those who got that particular MST3K reference. I salute you.

Holy shit, everyone, Tainted Blood will be released tomorrow! First of all — I’m 24 hours away from being the author of a trilogy, so consider that ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED. Secondly — you guys are 24 hours away from 306 pages filled with violence, nerd references, kitsune fabulousness, Finnish were-bears, and my continued efforts to make my vampires as fundamentally icky as possible.

To everyone who hit the preorder button at some point over the last few months, THANK YOU!!
To everyone planning to hit bookstores tomorrow to get their greedy hands on this book, THANK YOU!!
To everyone who has pestered their local librarian into buying a copy or ordering it through interlibrary loan, THANK YOU!!
To everyone who intends to illegally download a copy, seriously, man, you’re killing me here. Please report internet piracy to the publishers.

The publishers pay incredibly close attention to the first week of sales, both physical and e-book. It was the strong sales numbers on Iron Night that convinced the publisher to roll the dice and offer me a contract for the fourth book in the series. You guys, with your amazing support of my series, are the reason that when you finish the last page of Tainted Blood, you can know that another book in the American Vampire series will be on shelves in August 2015 — and it’s thanks to you.

A few fun things to fill those last hours before the book hits the shelves and the kindles:

A review of Tainted Blood, plus a giveaway of a signed copy from one of my favorite blogs, The Bibliosanctum!

A really fun interview that I did with Rob Bedford over at SFFWorld — if you’ve ever wondered why I decided to have Fort beaten up by Bruins fans back in the first book, the answer is here!

And, finally, I’ll be doing an AMA over at the Reddit r/Fantasy board on Thursday, so come over and ask me anything!

I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of Tainted Blood, and I’m so very excited that people are finally going to get a chance to read it. Thank you again!

Nine days until Tainted Blood!

Just nine more days until you can own all three!

Just nine more days until you can own all three!

That crept up on me.

Want a sneak peek snippet at Tainted Blood? Check out the Sunday Snippet at That’s What I’m Talking About — they’re doing a double feature of Iron Night and Tainted Blood! Plus, you can enter a giveaway for a signed copy of Iron Night. Check it out, and don’t forget to pre-order Tainted Blood wherever fine books are sold!

Tainted Blood

Soon, precious. Sooon.

Soon, precious. Sooon.

Forty-three days until Tainted Blood hits bookshelves, and it just got a fabulous review from Publishers Weekly! Go check it out!

Notable quotes include:

Rapid-fire prose and intimate characterization infuse stock mythic figures with pertinence and attitude. Fortitude is an enthralling good boy going bad, struggling to merge monstrous powers with humility and wisdom.


Self-referential comedy and operatic tragedy make sexy bedmates, enhanced by lush atmosphere and sharp dialogue. Brennan’s smart, sassy, and seductive vampire mythos injects fresh blood into a lethargic subgenre.

Oh, and for those of you who frequent Amazon, the pre-order price on TB is $5.78 for paperback, $5.99 for ebook! How can you resist that?

You can no more resist those low prices than you can resist the adorable golden snub nose monkey!

You can no more resist those low prices than you can resist the adorable golden snub nose monkey!

End of August

Okay, so that was a long period of not much posting from me. The reason for that is because I’ve spent the summer plugging away at Book Four and doing periodic work on Tainted Blood (out in November — agh!).

My deadline for Book 4 is in October, so this lack of posting from me isn’t going to change anytime soon. But there’s been some pretty fun focus on Iron Night lately, so how about awesome links?

I did an interview with the fantastic Nick Sharps over at SF Signal — some great questions and fun answers — don’t you want to know whether Suzume would get along with Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy (hint — of course she would!)?

New review of Iron Night from Notes From A Readerholic — it was part of their Book Bingo challenge.

Wendy from The Bibliosanctum did a livetweeting of Generation V that is simply not to be missed — how we got on the subject of Batman, I’m not certain, but it’s GREAT. She also followed up with a pretty great review, which you should also check out.

I also did an interview at the lovely site Between Dreams And Reality — which should definitely be on your reading list, if only because it is presented in both English and French! It’s bilingual, baby!

Finally, the Tainted Blood cover made it onto the All Things Urban Fantasy Cover Art Coverage — and I’m delighted to say that it was very well received! Hopefully this is a start of a trend for my covers!

I’ll try to swing back with some actual content a little later down the line — but I definitely have my hands full with Book 4. But I leave you with this disturbing thought:


Still excited about the new cover!


Still! So! Excited!

Tainted Blood Cover Release

Tainted Blood Cover

What does everyone think? Are we excited about November yet? Also, I’m so thrilled that they picked one of my favorite blurbs from one of my favorite websites!