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May The 4th

MechHappy May the 4th! I know what I’ll be watching this evening. (hint: lightsabers lightsabers lightsabers)

Other fun news for the day — I’m over at the SF Signal Mind Meld with a whole host of some of my favorite people, and we’re talking about our favorite magical weapons. Hop over and see everyone’s choices — it turned out to be a fantastic range.

In even better news, the MECH: Age of Steel Kickstarter funded last night! YAY! So around December, there will be an anthology in print with one of my short stories in it. If you want to make sure that you get a copy, you can still run over and throw some money at the Kickstarter — $10 gets you a digital copy, and $25 gets you a print copy. And if you happen to have $150 to spare, you can even make sure that one of the characters is named after you (and will even survive the story — promise!).

Please keep spreading the word about the Kickstarter — there are 9 days left until it closes, and there are some really cool stretch goals that we haven’t reached yet. In one of them, every story will get an illustration to go with it, and in another, all the authors get a pay bump.

Of course, I’m really focused on those illustrations.

Really. Truly.

(pay bump pay bump pay bump pay bump pay bump)

Scaring Elderly Jedi

Sorry, Obi-Wan. I guess I shouldn’t have shrieked *quite* so loudly when I opened up a package today and discovered my first author copy of IRON NIGHT, but it was pretty damn exciting!

Want to have your own moment of scaring elderly Jedi? You can pre-order IRON NIGHT wherever you prefer to buy your books! All pre-orders count as first-week sales, and these are the numbers that my publisher will be paying attention to when deciding whether to order additional Fortitude Scott books!

And do you have any presents left to buy? You should check out this fantastic Holiday Book Guide from Nick at SF Signal! (Generation V is listed as an option, by the way. Hint. Hint.)

It looks even BETTER when you're holding it!

It looks even BETTER when you’re holding it!