ML Brennan is the author of the Generation V urban fantasy series, where an utterly non-sparkly vampire and his kitsune wing-woman roam the mean streets of Providence and face the existential question of how to pay this month’s rent. The four books combine humor, horror, vampiric family tensions, and pop culture references.

Brennan holds an MFA in writing and is employed as an adjunct professor.

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The Generation V series


Short Fiction in anthologies

“After The Victory,” featured in MECH: Age of Steel, by Ragnarok Press


“Trench Witch,” featured in Hath No Fury, by Outland Entertainment

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“The Kaiju Counters,” featured in Kaiju Rising II: Age of Monsters, by Outland Entertainment

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  1. W. Robin Wofford

    Poked up a copy of your “Generation V” tonight at my local Barnes & Noble… I am about 6 pages in and I am already hooked. PLEASE tell me this wil be a series. Love your characters an writing style! It is a welcome break from my doctoral dissertation. You’ve made a fan tonight 🙂

    • W. Robin Wofford

      Please forgive my spelling errors… My thumbs are too big for my iPhone.

    • I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the book — anyone doing their doctoral dissertation needs a few fun things to break things up. 🙂

      Happy to report that it will be a series! The sequel, Iron Night, will be published in January 2014, and I’m writing the third book right now, which is scheduled for November 2014.

      Thanks so much for posting the note, and good luck on your dissertation!

  2. Thank you! By the way, I was at an all day professional development today with all 130 librarians in our district… and I told as many people as I could to pick up a copy of Generation V 🙂

  3. Got this book from a cute girl about a week and a half ago (she even wrote something in it). I just finished Chapter 9. Other than the fantasy stuff it seems pretty real, Fort seem about as stupid as I was in my 20’s.

    • Hi Thom — Very glad to hear that you’re enjoying the book, and I’m pleased that I managed to capture that particular magic of 20-ish decision-making.

      • One thing did bother me though. As far as I know the only Fiesta with a trunk has been sold for only a few years, the older ones were hatchback only.

        • That’s true — when I was researching the Fiesta during my edits, I realized the problem. But at that time I was really attached to the Fiesta and wanted to keep it, but I definitely needed that trunk, so I just went ahead and made the change. Just another of those tiny world changes that resulted from the supernatural existing and being involved with humans.

  4. Just finished Generation V. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Can’t wait for next Fort book.

  5. Yet you haven’t read me…mmmmm. Oh, and stolen 1/3 of an invention that was a result of a collaboration and many dead lab humans…rats. I meant rats. Of course. Which is still awful. Rats should not be experimented on either. Regardless, you haven’t read one of my books (hurtful…very hurtful) and yet stole millions of potential Ass-Kinker dollars from Shecky and me. HARLOT!

    • HaHA! Wrong again, Thurman! Wrong about trusting me with the AssKinker patents (yes, those were just rats…. maybe the occasional marmaset), and wrong about me reading your books! Observe the photographic evidence currently posted on your Facebook, and see your wrongness!

  6. Soooo glad to meet you today at the Nashua B&N…..I’m going to bed shortly, even though it’s early, just so I could start your Generation V book….(told you today I’d be reading your books first since I’m a big fan of vampires, lol)…promise I’ll give a review on Amazon and/or B&N when I’m thru,..wanna know why you decided on this genre which is one of my most faves! Hugs from Kiki

  7. Will you be doing Gen V as audio book ? Please say Yes

    • That’s actually up to the publisher — at the present time I haven’t heard any plans to put the series out on audio books, but I know that they keep track of any signs of interest. The best thing to do is email the publisher and ask about their plans — I would LOVE to see an audio Gen V!

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I loved this series and I’m really looking forward to any future releases. Happy writing! Your South African fan….

  9. (this note has spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet )

    Hey there I just wanted to tell you how much I loved this book! I sent another message to you at your email address because I wasn’t sure if you would see this note here.
    I just love the family relationships between the siblings. I love Chivalry and seeing him being a big loving brother is usually my favorite part of the whole book, as it just warms my heart and I am such a sucker for scary protective big brother vampires. Oh and the death scenes (spoilers!) of Henry and Medeline made me cry so hard. Question though, why does Chivalry feed from his wives if he loves them so much and he knows that it will kill them? Has he ever tried it Fort’s way? Maybe we will find out the answer in the next story? Also I really loved that funny part in the alley way where Fort discovered the side affects of feeding. So funny! I really hope that in the next coming book that there will be more focus on Fort’s new vampire abilities, namely his killer nature and his attempts to control it. He really needs to get more scary and tough, otherwise the other races will just push him over and manipulate him. I hope he learns to accept his vampire nature and deal with it rather than try to hide from it or spend his time in angst; that would be much too “Interview with the Vampire”. I preffer scary, confident vampires, who don’t beat themselves up too much over what they can’t change. Will Fort get any cool and unusual powers since his mother made him differently? That would be lots of fun. Also I hope Fort isn’t going to ruin everything his mother built. I don’t want the vampires to lose their power, its more fun that way. Love your book and looking forward to the next one. 🙂

    • Dear Dawn —

      Thanks so much for the note, and I’m so glad that you’ve been enjoying the series!

      In terms of Chivalry and his wives — no, he would never consider feeding in the manner that Fort does, because Fort has separated his feeding completely from any kind of emotionalism. He feeds from strangers, essentially mugging them for their blood. This is completely counter to who Chivalry is — he idealizes his wives, and makes them the center of his life. He relies on them for emotional balance, romantic connection, and the food that he relies on. Is this healthy? No — it leads to untimely death. But this is how Chivalry has built his life, and it’s also a reflection of who he is on the most fundamental level. Prudence sits on the other extreme — there’s nothing emotional about the way that she feeds, but because she doesn’t have any moral qualm about killing someone, she does it to fit her schedule in the most convenient way possible. She would never consider Fort’s approach because, while she also really doesn’t have any particular fussiness over who she is feeding from, she would never go through the effort of having to find and feed from a stranger so often.

      In terms of who Fort is — yes, he is entirely capable of ruining everything that his mother built in the name of morality. It’s who he is. While people can grow and change, and certainly vampires would be no different in the emotional sense, for Fort to suddenly become more scary and tough (the vampire Jack Bauer, I guess) would be a bit of a jump. Fort in Dark Ascension is different than who he is in Generation V, because he has grown through his experiences, but the bedrock of that person is still the same.

  10. So it is July of 2017, will a new book be coming out to continue this series? I love every book so far!

    • Dear Cindy,

      Thanks so much for your comment, and I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the series!

      Unfortunately Roc currently has no plans to continue the series, so there are no more books in the pipeline after Dark Ascension, and I’m working on other projects. This certainly doesn’t mean that there are never going to be any more Generation V novels — there’s always a chance that another work of mine might get a good audience, and the publisher could be interested in more books. But, at least for now, I’m sorry to say that you won’t see any more of Fort and Suze on the bookshelves.

      • Thanks for your response. I have bought all 4 of the books and think it is a shame that the story will end here. I promise to buy the next book in the series if it happens.

        • Aw, thanks so much! If I ever get a good publisher interested in the 5th book, then believe me, it will definitely happen.

          • any luck with publisher for 5th book? I’ve been eagerly awaiting a new installment in this series for years now. Also side note, any plans for audiobook versions? It would be awesome to listen while driving or working.

            • Hi Chris, and thanks for asking! Sorry that the wait has been so long, but at this point there isn’t a lot of interest in the series from publishers, so I’m working on other projects. If I get another series into print, then it might spark new interest in the Fort Scott series, which I would definitely be willing to revisit at that point!

              Audiobooks would be so very cool. That’s something where if you send an email to Audible and request the Fort Scott books, that’s actually really useful for me. They do pay attention to requests, and that’s the most likely way for a backlist series like this to be available on audio.

              Sorry to have no exciting news, but thanks so much!

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