MECH: Age of Steel


Great news on the writing front, guys!

I got the opportunity to contribute a short story to a mech anthology being put out by Ragnarok Press. The anthology is currently being funded on Kickstarter, and is now only $1,000 away from its goal! The Kickstarter ends on May 13, 2016, and I’m extremely excited about this project, as my story will be featured alongside such great writers as Jason Hough, Martha Wells, Gini Koch, Kevin J. Anderson, and Anton Strout!

This isn’t a Generation V short, but is set in an original world that has spent decades fighting against a hostile population of giant predatory kaiju in a wholescale war to try to preserve humanity. Over half of the world’s cities have been lost to kaiju incursions, and whole populations were displaced.

My story, “After The Victory,” picks up after the impossible has finally been achieved — the kaiju have been destroyed, and their nesting grounds wiped out. There are no more kaiju, and now humanity can start the process of rebuilding their lives. For Captain Sutiya Puedpong, who has spent her entire adult life in the military, it should be the start of a whole new world as the demobilization begins in earnest.

But she’s just been reassigned as lead handler for the pilot program, and the problem is — the demobilization isn’t happening. With kaiju gone, why aren’t the mechs going as well? Why are the world’s governments suddenly recalling their mech teams? And what can one officer do when faced with the start of a whole new Cold War?

If you think this sounds fun, then show up tonight for the MECH launch party on Facebook! I’ll be talking about my story and answering questions at 9:15EST, and there are a lot of other great authors scheduled to talk.

Don’t forget to check out the MECH Kickstarter! There are still some incredible backer rewards available, including the opportunity to have a character in my story named after you!


About M. L. Brennan

Author of the Generation V urban fantasy series, published by Roc Books. Not your usual vampires, kitsune shapeshifters with attitude, Doctor Who jokes, and underemployment. GENERATION V and its sequel, IRON NIGHT, available wherever books are sold. Third installment, TAINTED BLOOD, to be published 11/14.

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