Really great post by Carrie Vaughn that shows her pile of rejection letters. I had a giant file like this as well, until eventually I was running low on file cabinet space and made a purge. Now I just have a huge file folder that has my rejection letters that had ink on them.
But I think this is great, because it isn’t about how big the pile is. It’s that you keep writing, keep getting better, and keep working, and eventually you can get the “yes.” And all you really need is one yes.

Filling the Well

I’ve talked about doing this, so here it finally is.  My folder of rejection slips:


(With handy dinosaur ruler for scale.  That’s over three inches of paper there.)

These aren’t all the rejections I’ve gotten.  This doesn’t include all the e-mail rejections, which are quite legion.  Or any of the rejections I got before 1995, which are hidden away in some folder I haven’t rediscovered yet.  (I started sending stories out in about 1989).  The most recent rejection in this pile?  Spring 2012.  Yup, I still get rejections.  People sometimes ask me how many rejections I’ve gotten, and I’ve never counted.  I have no intention of counting them now.  Just estimating, based on how frequently I was sending stuff out during my busiest submission period (roughly 1995-2006), I have upward of 600.  I know this stack is taller than a ream of paper, which is 500 pages.  But you know…

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