Tutoring, Editing, and Mentorship Services

Folks, I hate to be the one to say this (though many have before me, and often with much more eloquence), but mid-list writing just does not pay the bills. So, I’m hanging out my shingle. I’ll be working with Chegg.com tutors, and here’s the link to my specific profile. If you would like some tutoring, or you know someone who could use it, please consider contacting me through the site. Here are some of the basic subjects I can tutor in:

  • College admission essay writing
  • Writing help (essay construction, content, etc.)
  • Grammar checks & reviews
  • Study skills
  • Literature help

Also, if you are (or happen to know) an aspiring writer, I’m also available to help with:

  • Fiction writing (short stories, novellas, manuscripts – all stages)
  • Mentoring (talking about your hobby, or offering guidance on the publication process)

You can contact me through the Chegg.com website (follow the link and definitely message me directly – otherwise any requests get thrown to a horde of ravenous tutors), and either schedule a live lesson, or arrange for a written lesson where I would review your document and give you notes and feedback.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read through this, and don’t worry, I’m definitely still working on the new book, but if you know someone who is looking for some tutoring, or a little extra help with their college admissions essays, or some feedback from a published author, please send them my way.

Again, that link is: https://www.chegg.com/tutors/online-tutors/Robyn-M-0833359/

Thanks so much!


My promise to you: if you or anyone you know engages my services, this is exactly what my reaction will be.

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